About Our Birds

We believe that if we shouldn’t be exposed to a substance, neither should our birds. We don’t use hormones or antibiotics. We are extremely careful not to use any chemicals that would harm the birds.

Emu Oil – Our Committment To Quality

We believe that we must be wise stewards over our mob of birds. We take seriously the concept of animal husbandry.

Our birds are allowed the room that they need to run and grow. They love the sprinklers and running what we refer to as the “Circuit of the Emus.”


Why Emus?

In the spring of 2004, Matt started a new job, as a Software Engineer, in the Austin area. We found a nice place in the country which also happened to have 2 Emus. The previous owner had been very active raising Emus. When our real estate agent asked the seller what he was going to do with the emus, he said that they were staying. We took him up on the offer.

At the beginning, the emus were more of a curiosity than anything else. That changed when we found the birds sitting on 23 large, green eggs. We were introduced to another couple, the Bitz’s, in Georgetown, that also had emus. As it turns out, we had two hens and not much chance of any of the eggs actually hatching. We purchased a couple of young chicks in the hope that one of them would be a male. A few months later, when the Bitz’s downsized, we added a few more birds to the operation.

Our prized pair of breeders, Hercules (from the Bitz’s) and Myrtle (who came with the house) are very productive. One year, out of 35 eggs laid, only 1 egg did not hatch. We raised 9 chicks our first season, winter of 2008/2009. We still have Hercules & Myrtle. They have been joined by three breeding pairs, from birds we raised ourselves. We have since added three additional breeding pairs that we acquired in 2014. Lastly, we paired two birds, acquired from two different Emu operations here in Texas.

When we first heard of emu oil, our first thought was, “Yeah, right. Sounds like snake oil.” Then we tried the oil. As one of our customers said, “That stuff is a miracle in a bottle!”


Our EMu Meat

Our birds are all processed by Uvalde Meats, in Uvalde Texas.

Uvalde Meats has been handling emus for over 25 years now, including the emus from the Bitz family.

Uvalde Meats is also a USDA site, meaning that our birds are inspected and the meat can be sold and shipped all over the U.S.

We currently offer the following cuts:

  • Emu Fan Filet
  • Emu Flat Filet
  • Emu Cutlets
  • Ground Emu

Other cuts may be made available. Custom cuts may be requested. The availability will typically be made available when the next group of birds is brought to market.

“While emus are poultry, they are not ‘big chickens’, nor do they taste like chicken. Emu is a dark, red meat, like beef. Emu is recognized as Heart Healthy™ by the American Heart Association, and ranked best in 15 out of 20 essential nutrients in a USDA funded study at the University of Wisconsin. “Emu came out lower in fat, including saturated fats, but higher in protein,” reports American Emu Association president Gerald Edwards. “It was also higher in iron and several other essential vitamins than the other six meats tested.”